jueves, 1 de diciembre de 2016


I’m study phycology and obviously there are things that I would change of my career. For example, about  the curriculum.  I remember that a little time ago subjects like “Antipsychiatry” or “Critical Perspective of Gender” almost was eliminated and I think do that is a mistake because these subjects are very important for formation of future critics psychologists, that they will have a vision critical of the profession. Even I think these subjects must be mandatory subjects because are very critics and necessary for the work life and the same life I think. Both subjects give a different perspective of see this world, in where the different, the diversity, persons away from norm, the “crazies” are not sick or be bad. So i believe the future psychologists need a vision more inclusive and critical of this society.

Other important thing are teaching methods. I would change those old methods that even today continue being used for the most of teacher of this university. I would like that lessons wasn't always teacher speaking and students listening in silence. I remember a teacher that in his lessons always had fun dynamics in where all participated because was so fun. And obviously with those exercises we learned a lot things and reflexionated. I would also change some investigation work for some experiential work because I really think that we can learn and understand more a situation, a different realities if we live that.

And is impossible no mention the evaluations. I would change the standardized tests that not prove nothing  about the learn of the students. A person with a  score 7.0 not is more intelligent or learned more that a person with score 4.0. I think we need new evaluation methods which not imply necessarily a score.

To finish I have to say think are necessary many changes in this educational system. A change is needed!!

jueves, 17 de noviembre de 2016


I need holidays right now!! The funny thing is I feel that I need holidays every day of my life from I’m studying at the university. Whatever, the important is that holidays are coming and soon and I going to visit my home.  I’m from Arica and the only thing I wish is come back to my land because with the years I hate a little more Santiago. I want to leave this chaotic city or I’m going to crazy. I think always I will be aprovincial because I don’t like the cities with much people, high noise, and the fast life and be running of a place to other, that horrible! I prefer the calm and peace of a little city.

So these holidays I’m return to my beautiful Arica and I will go to parties with my friends. Probably we going to the beach to drink vodka, because my friends are a drunks, the “carretes” in the beach are the best. There are so many funny memories with my friends in the beach. 

Also I enjoy very much spend time with my family obviously. And we going to travel Tacna this holidays, this is like is a tradition for us. Always that I’m home for my vacations we visit Tacna, besides this city is so close from Arica! I think that is much far away go from a place to other here in Santiago.  With my family we enjoy the food that there in Tacna, these people know cook very well. And also we like go to a place of games, I don’t remember the name of this place but there are so many things and machines for you can play, with my dad we always play games of fight, and he wins all time.  In Tacna there are many things you can do, you can spenda fun time and don’t need much money like here. In Chile all is more expensive.

Besides with my friends we have planned travel to Tacna this summer. A big group of friends want go to “carretiar” there because the people say it is a good place to funny. We going to travel for a weekend, and we going do very funny things, and the best part is that in Tacna all  is more cheaper that Arica.  Other thing I will do with my friends and my family is go to the “Carnaval con la Fuerza del Sol”, this is a traditional celebration from Arica, there are many groups “comparsas” with much dancers, with bands. I think the most population of Arica participate of the Carnaval. And that is just amazing.  This big event is so important for the people from Arica because is a way show our indigenous culture. And many brothers and sisters of the “pueblos originarios” participate, it’s a beautiful thing, a very emotional moment. You can see brotherhood of the peoples, without territorial bounds like this stupid things of the countries. Many South Americans, like people call Chileans, Peruvians and Bolivians, are together like brothers and sisters these day, enjoying of the musics and dances. In a world so racist like this, so cruel with my people, this three days of “fiesta Andina” is something amazing.  I’m just  love see to my peoplebeing happy.

If some time you visit Arica, come for the date when the Carnavalcon la Fuerzadel Sol is celebrated, are 3 days of party, you will not regret and I know that you come back again.  

jueves, 10 de noviembre de 2016


I would like go to the cinema every week, because I love the movies so much, but I don’t have enough money for that so I go to the cinema only when there a movie that I have waited for see it a long time.   I like all kind of films, but my favorites are dramatic and indie movies. I think is important the story of film, script, perfect cast, director, direction of art, the soundtrack, everything is the important for that the movie  be amazing, can't fail none part. Although that is important, I believe that the most important thing about the movies is the make you feel, the sensations, emotions, reaction of body, that amazing connection between the films and spectators.

I grew up seen movies with my parents, because they enjoy see movies, so it is important part of me. All my life, my childhood and teen time is related to many films, what I mean is that constantly I’m travelling in time, back to years ago, to nice and sad moments, just moments of my life. And also I´m always remember scenes from movies, sometimes when I walk for the streets of this city I see something or someone, or listen something that remember me a scene from movies I have seen, it’ is just fantastic!

If ask me for my favorite movie I don’t know what to say, because is difficult decide for only one movie, there are so many! Immediately to my mind come some films like Forrest Gump, Braveheart, Fluke, Men of Honor, A.I. Artificial Intelligence, Titanic, Bicentennial Man, Patch Adams, A Beautiful Mind, Perfume: The Story of a Murderer and many others movies. 

I can’t choose only one movie like my favorite, but I’m going to write about “Perfume: The Story of a Murderer”, why? because right now I want write about that.This film is dramatic thriller and is based on a novel. The story takes place in the 18th century France. And it is about a peculiarboy, called Jean Baptiste Grenouille, that he has a superhuman sense of smell, he can smell something that can stay  far away from him. And Jean Baptiste is obsessed with create the perfect perfume and for that he will become a murderer. I don’t give spoilers, I hate when people does it! Only I’m going to say that movie is amazing! The story is so good that you easily and quickly will be captured. And the performances are amazing, but the protagonist, the actor Ben Wishaw is other thing. He is one of the most talented actors than I’ve seen. He was brilliant as Jean Baptiste, his performance is so good that you can feel all these emotions so intense that character was feeling.

For me, this film is a masterpiece of cinema. I love the intensity and the dramatic of the movie. The emotions are so strong in this film, pain, hate and Iove. I think is a beautiful movie, and so well done. The character, Jean Baptiste, is so attractive and interesting for me, and I love the way like was interpreted for Ben Wishaw. The thing is that I love all about movie, the cast, set and the soundtrack!! What would be of the cinema without music?  The music is so powerful like the movie, very intense. Tom Tykwer was director and composer of the music of the movie. I really love listening soundtracks from movies, and I have to say that this one of my favorites (if you want listening it, please do that, you will not regret, here the link: Perfume OST).  And obviously when we talk about the "Perfume" we should mention that is visually stunning, just beautiful in all ways. 

And, like I said before, the most important thing for me about movies are the emotions, sensations that it provoke, and this movie make me feel many strong and intense things and I like it.

I don't know exactly how many time I have seen this film, I lost count of the times I have seen it, but always is a pleasure see Perfume. And definitely I recommend this film, you should see it, you will not regret, trust me.   

Writing about movies, now I want to see so many movies, like Life of Pi. That film is so beautiful, I really like it because is a story about personal relationships and love, from a realistic way, with all pain that relationships implicate but the same time is a very magical film, visually so amazing! I love this movie because show the relationships between  animals humans (yes, humans are animals too) and animals no humans. It is about a young boy and a tiger,  and how these two try to survive, because they are together in a bote in middle of ocean, but they not are friends exactly.
The story is tragic, beautiful like sad, everytime I see Life of Pie I cry like a little baby, but it is ok, that movie is for cry, anyway is nothing wrong in crying.  

jueves, 3 de noviembre de 2016


“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself”

I have to be a true person and say that I’m  not interested  in continue studying at the university,  it is not exactly a dream for me  continue in this system of education. So write this post is difficult to me. 

When I finished my career, if  is that  I finish, besides of celebrate with a big  party with my friends and my family, I want to get a  job quickly, because I want help my parents, it's not fair that they working so much like they do.  Besides I have to  plan in mind, there is something I want to do with someone, and with the plan, if  it's  works, we will can living our lives like we want so much.  But for do all that, the first thing I should do is working hard. Then I´ll come back to Arica, because i love my land and miss it so much, and I will try to fulfill with my dream of working with kids, from a perspective community and educational,  like I wrote in the last post.  

So is not important or interesting for me the postgraduate, just it’s not for me, but I’m sure that many students want a postgraduate course.  Besides can not deny that in this society the people with  more titles are better view and valued socially. However I think that the institution is not the only way to learn, and I’m sure that there many persons that don't have "education" that contribute more that some “educated” people. 


I'm studying psychology now, but i'm not interested in clinical practise that is like most people imagine that is work like psychologist.  I like more something related to the community and education. Because I have learned the importance of  the pedagogy like a power instrument of social transformation. I think that formal education is only interested in educate to form submissive persons for that in a future they being workers do not thinking and just obey, so they not rebel against this oppressive system. Obviously all this has a  political  ideas behind, and the persons most affected of this are the most poor. It has been always like this. 

If this type of education puts chains, I want to do something for help to break these chains. Now I’m working in a project of “educacion popular”, we are an organization that make "talleres” in a complex and very poor place. With these talleres, focus in kids, we want teach and learn, all together, kids and adults, a new way of relating in the community, society, in where the others have importance for us. Learn to live in community and not be an individualist is a very important thing for do of this society something better. 

So I would like a job like that but in Arica, because I’m from there, and I want come back to my land. I can imagine me working in a vulnerable place with little kids, because I love kids. Learning together the important that is the working in group. Also I think the kids should be with the nature to they can connect with the nature and have respect for the environment. I believe all is connected, for that reason I want work at outdoors. And above all it is important that children learn to thinking in a critical way, question everything we have been taught.  Unlearn what we have learned will set us free.

When I imagine my future job, it not is implicated the government, it should be independent, because this has social objectives thinking in the persons, not in benefit to the big companies like the government does.

I know this post is about of the kind of  job I would like have, and I wrote about that, may be is difficult imagine a job like  that and besides  in where you earn money, but this for me not is about money. And I imagine the job that I would like have of this way. 

jueves, 20 de octubre de 2016


I think the art is an expression form. People have to find the way of to get all those feelings they have in the depths of them. And the art, in general, is good way to do.  A through of art, you can communicate to others persons a important message about like you see the life, about love, society, hate, pain, jealousy, etc. For this reasons I think art is so important, because is necessary for do of this life better and more beautiful.  I enjoy the art, obviously. I just believe it's a beautiful thing that can make you feel, even remember many things. Sometimes, when you see a paint you can feel very emotions or remember some moment in your life, maybe you can back in the time to your childhood, to a beautiful moment with your mom, think about that, it isn’t beautiful? It’s amazing. 

When I was a kid was not interested in art, I think that the museums was boring. However, when I had 15 years many things change and art, in general, took importance in my life. I think everything has its time in life and everything comes when it has to come. Now, I like to visit museums when I can and have time. I remember that once, some years before, with my sister and mom we visited two museums at the same day, and remember that my sister took a long time for see every paint.

I'm of the kind of persons that is dedicated to admire the work by amazing artists, because i don't have artistic abilities. I'm a mess doing things with my hands or my body in general, i'm a clumsy person, and is ok, I have accepted my two left hands and legs. I'm not jealous for the artwork from others, and i'm sure that jealousy is stupid things. Even when someone make an amazing artwork i'm happy for the person.

The art is freedom and all you can do is enjoy it.

jueves, 13 de octubre de 2016



“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent” 

I think that quote is so true. The music for me is a way to express something you feel, is this intense sensation that can make you body shiver, is something so powerfull and pleasurable that you can feel live. I can't imagine the life without music, that is imposible!! The music is an important part of my life, always it has been. Some songs make my day more happy even can improve the bad thing, some times a song make me sad or nostalgic. I think the music is a way of travel in the time, back to the childhood, to the happy and beautiful moments or the sad moments. The happiness, then sadness and the pain are part to be live, so the music is life.

I like all kind of music, classic, rock, pop, metal, etc, i believe the important is the thing that you can feel when you listen the melody, the lyrics, that is the important. I can listen from Guns' N Roses until Maria Callas, and i have to say that she is amazing, if you listening her you can feel intense emotions, she is one of the best performers that i've seen. 

I would like to have learned to play some instrument like piano or guitar. And really i would love to sing but i can't, however i enjoy sing when i'm alone in my department, this something that make me good and always i do, just i'm sorry for my neighboors. However is not so bad admire to the good ones, to the amazing artists  like is David Bowie, my favourite singer. In fact, i believe is a privilege listen and see to Bowie doing what he does best.  I could not see him  in live but with only see the videos on youtube of his concerts you can know the magnific and amazing he was.  In the 70' he was considered an extravagant because he used bright and tight clothing, and  very much make up. He was so androgynous and this was a very atractive thing for the people in that time, and for me.  In his perfomance, he was very theatrical and provocative, very seductive. One of things that i love of him is that he questioned  the gender and the sexuality. Somehow, he gave to many people the freedom to be themselves. 

The music, the art in general, i think, is the way that you find for express yourself. It have the capacity of transform to the persons and give passion to life. What would we be without music?